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Why Lavar Ball is a Genius With a Big Heart

Until today, I didn’t know much about Lavar Ball and his Family. I have to say, I love what they stand for.

Over the last few months, I’ve seen so much criticism and pure HATE for Lavar on social media. After doing my own research, watching video interviews, documentaries and small snippets of his disputes, I think he’s a genius.

More importantly, I think he has a BIG heart and deep love for his family. The relationship between the boys and Lavar reminds me of my relationship with my own father.

Since the time I was little, my father had me (and my siblings) working out EVERYDAY on the track, basketball court, baseball field, football fields and in the classroom. He spent an IMMENSE amount of time being our trainer, disciplinary and coach.

He was the guy nobody liked because HE made us WORK, wake up early and experience the hardships that life would present us with early on.

This has helped me greatly as an adult but all we ever hear is that black fathers are absent. Not mine.

In fact, I always joke and say he was there too much.

I think people really dislike Lavar because of his mouth. My father in this regard is the total opposite, he only shares things with people on a need to know basis and doesn’t say too much.

Even though many people prefer that type of person, it doesn’t make my father any better than Lavar and Lavar, no better than my father.

What we really should be looking at is a Black father who purposely was involved with his son’s life EVERY step of the way.

I feel that we should also be congratulating Lavar and Big Baller Brands.

Not only for having the courage to create a pretty cool family business with great potential but for realizing that they don’t have to be another victim of temporary and glamorous athletic exploitation.

Regardless of all the noise that people get distracted by with Lavar, he just might give his family a way to redirect profits generated from his coaching, wife’s support and son’s talents back into the family bank account. In my opinion, this is how it should be.

If they don’t get it, Nike, Adidas or Under Armour will.

Even if the Big Baller Brand dream is never realized, the attention gained by Lavar’s unorthodoxed approach has planted a seed for other athletes.

I hope they and their families now realize that their just might be an opportunity to participate in the fruits of their 20+ years of training, sacrifice and labor, above and beyond a few years with a nice multi-million dollar salary as a glorified worker.

I wish I would have been a good enough athlete to be in a position where my father (a man of few words) and my family could have represented me the way Lavar is looking after Lonzo and sons.